Debugging Tools for Windows

Edit | Write Window Text to File

Click Write Window Text to File on the Edit menu to save all of the text in the active debugging information window to a file.

This command is available only if the active window is the Debugger Command window, Calls window, or Scratch Pad.

Dialog Box

When you click Write Windows Text to File, the Write Window Text to File dialog box appears. In this dialog box, enter the name of the file where you want to save the window text. You can browse in the Save in list to the directory that you want or select a specific file that you want to overwrite. The default file name extension is .txt.

Click Save to save the file or click Cancel to exit.

Additional Information

For more information about how to select, copy, cut, and paste text and about how these operations vary from window to window, see Cutting and Pasting Text.

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