Debugging Tools for Windows

GFlags Examples

The following examples show how to submit GFlags commands and how to use GFlags features in practical scenarios.

This section includes the following topics.

Example 1: Displaying Global Flags

Example 2: Setting a Flag by Using a Flag Abbreviation

Example 3: Setting a Flag by Using Its Hexadecimal Value

Example 4: Setting Multiple Flags

Example 5: Clearing a Flag

Example 6: Clearing All Flags

Example 7: Clearing All Flags for an Image File

Example 8: Enlarging the User-Mode Stack Trace Database

Example 9: Detecting a Pool Memory Leak

Example 10: Detecting a Heap Memory Leak in a Process

Example 11: Enabling Page Heap Verification

Example 12: Using Page Heap Verification to Find a Bug

Example 13: Listing Image Files with Global Flags

Example 14: Configuring Special Pool

Example 15: Using Object Reference Tracing

The examples in the second section apply to features available only in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

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