Debugging Tools for Windows

Example 2: Setting a Flag by Using a Flag Abbreviation

The following command sets the Show loader snaps flag for the notepad.exe image file. Show Loader Snaps takes snapshots of the load process, capturing in detail the loading and unloading of executable images and their supporting library modules.

The command uses the /i parameter to indicate image file mode and specifies the name of the image file notepad.exe. To identify the flag, the command uses sls, the abbreviation for Show Loader Snaps, and it precedes the abbreviation with a plus sign (+) to indicate that the flag is set. Without the plus sign, the command has no effect.

gflags /i notepad.exe +sls 

In response, GFlags displays the flags set for notepad.exe. The display indicates that the command is successful. The Show Loader Snaps feature is enabled for all new sessions of the Notepad program.

Current Registry Settings for notepad.exe executable are: 00000002
    sls - Show Loader Snaps

Build machine: CAPEBUILD