Debugging Tools for Windows


I/O Request Packet (IRP)
A data structure used to represent an I/O request and control its processing. An IRP structure consists of a header and one or more stack locations.

An executable, DLL, or driver that Windows has loaded as part of a user-mode process or the Windows kernel.

See also image file.

image file
The file from which an image was loaded.

implicit process
In kernel-mode debugging, the process used to determine which virtual address space to use when performing virtual to physical address translation. When an event occurs, the implicit process is set to the event process.

See also implicit thread.

For more information, see Threads and Processes.

implicit thread
In kernel-mode debugging, the thread used to determine some of the target's registers, including frame offset and instruction offset. When an event occurs, the implicit thread is set to the event thread.

See also implicit process.

For more information, see Threads and Processes.

A debugging session is inaccessible when all the targets are executing.

initial breakpoint
A breakpoint that automatically occurs near the beginning of a debugging session, after a reboot, or after a target application is restarted.

For more information, see Using Breakpoints.

input callback objects
Instances of the IDebugInputCallbacks interface which have been registered with a client. Whenever the debugger engine requires input it asks the input callbacks to provide it.

See also output callbacks.

For more information, see Input Callbacks.

input callbacks
See input callback objects.

A condition that disrupts normal command execution and transfers control to an interrupt handler. I/O devices requiring service from the processor usually initiate interrupts.

Interrupt Request Level (IRQL)
The priority ranking of an interrupt. Each processor has an IRQL setting that threads can raise or lower. Interrupts that occur at or below the processor's IRQL setting are masked and will not interfere with the current operation. Interrupts that occur above the processor's IRQL setting take precedence over the current operation.

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