Debugging Tools for Windows

Setting Up the Web Site

Set up a Web site from which to share the source files and note the root directory of the site. Your source is then available from a site such as:


In order to make your source files accessible over the Internet, you must configure the directories containing the source files.

Begin by selecting the directory in which your indexed source resides. In our examples, we call this directory c:\source and the name of the server on the network \SrcMachineName. Permissions must be set so that users can access the site, and you must add the security groups that must access the source content over the network. The amount of security to enable varies from environment to environment. For some installations, this group is Everyone.

To set up the permissions for the directory:
  1. 1.Open Windows Explorer.
  2. 2.Expand My Computer.
  3. 3.Expand the C: drive.
  4. 4.Right-click c:\source and choose Sharing and Security.
  5. 5.Check the Share this folder button.
  6. 6.Click the Permissions button.
  7. 7.Verify that the desired security groups have read access by adding them under Group or user names and checking the appropriate box.
  8. 8.Click OK to exit Permissions.
  9. 9.Click OK to exit Source Properties.

The source directory can now be used for debugging by another computer with a source path of srv*\\SrcMachineName\source.

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