Debugging Tools for Windows

Creating Your Own Source Control System

This section enables you to understand how to prepare instrumentation scripts so that SrcSrv can be integrated into your build or version control system. The implementation is dependent on the language specification version that ships with SrcSrv.

Many of the specifics of how Srcsrv.dll is called by symbol handler code are discussed. However, this information is not static and will not become so in the future. No one should attempt to write code that calls Srcsrv.dll directly. This is reserved for DbgHelp or the Visual Studio products. Third-party vendors wanting to integrate such functionality into their products should use the SymGetSourceFile function. This function, along with others in the DbgHelp API, is described in the DbgHelp documentation, which can be found in the sdk/help subdirectory of the Debugging Tools for Windows installation directory.

If you do not see this documentation in your current debugger installation, it is because you did not perform a full installation. See Customizing the Installation for details.

This section includes:

Language Specification 1

Language Specification 2

Build machine: CAPEBUILD