Debugging Tools for Windows


The DEBUG_FIND_SOURCE_XXX bit-flags are used to control the behavior of the methods FindSourceFile and FindSourceFileAndToken when searching for source files.

The flags can be any combination of values from the following table.

Value Description
DEBUG_FIND_SOURCE_FULL_PATH Always return the full canonical path name for the found file.

If not set and the source path contains relative directories, relative path names can be returned.

DEBUG_FIND_SOURCE_BEST_MATCH Continue searching after a match has been found to look for a better match.
DEBUG_FIND_SOURCE_NO_SRCSRV Do not include source servers in the search.
DEBUG_FIND_SOURCE_TOKEN_LOOKUP Return a variable associated with a file token.

If this flag is set, the other flags are ignored. This flag cannot be used in the FindSourceFile method.

The value DEBUG_FIND_SOURCE_DEFULT defines the default set of flags, which means that all of the flags in the previous table are turned off.


Headers: Defined in DbgEng.h. Include DbgEng.h.

See Also

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