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The DEBUG_SYMBOL_XXX constants are used for the symbol flags bit-set. The symbol flags describe (in part) a symbol in a symbol group.

The least significant bits of the symbol flags—the bits found in DEBUG_SYMBOL_EXPANSION_LEVEL_MASK—form a number that represents the expansion depth of the symbol within the symbol group. The depth of a child symbol is always one more than the depth of its parent symbol. For example, to find the depth of a symbol whose flags are contained in the variable flags, use the following statement:


The rest of the symbol flags’ bit-set can contain the following bit-flags.

Value Meaning when set
DEBUG_SYMBOL_EXPANDED The children of the symbol are part of the symbol group.
DEBUG_SYMBOL_READ_ONLY The symbol represents a read-only variable.
DEBUG_SYMBOL_IS_ARRAY The symbol represents an array variable.
DEBUG_SYMBOL_IS_FLOAT The symbol represents a floating-point variable.
DEBUG_SYMBOL_IS_ARGUMENT The symbol represents an argument passed to a function.
DEBUG_SYMBOL_IS_LOCAL The symbol represents a local variable in a scope.


Headers: Defined in DbgEng.h. Include DbgEng.h.

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