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The !wudfext.umdevstacks extension displays information about all device stacks in the current host process.




Windows NT 4.0 Unavailable
Windows 2000 Unavailable
Windows XP and later Wudfext.dll


The !wudfext.umdevstacks extension displays the framework interface objects that are associated with each device stack. For more information about using the output from !wudfext.umdevstacks, see !wudfext.umdevstack.

Here is an example of the !wudfext.umdevstacks display:

kd> !umdevstacks 
Number of device stacks: 3
  Device Stack: 0x0034e4e0    Pdo Name: \Device\00000057
    Number of UM drivers: 0x1
    Driver 00:
      Driver Config Registry Path: WUDFEchoDriver
      UMDriver Image Path: C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\UMDF\WUDFEchoDriver.dll
      Fx Driver: IWDFDriver 0xf2db8
      Fx Device: IWDFDevice 0xf2f80
          IDriverEntry: WUDFEchoDriver!CMyDriver 0x000f2c70

Additional Information

For more information, see User-Mode Driver Framework Debugging.

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