Debugging Tools for Windows


The SearchVirtual method searches the target's virtual memory for a specified pattern of bytes.

    IN ULONG64  Offset
    IN ULONG64  Length
    IN PVOID  Pattern
    IN ULONG  PatternSize
    IN ULONG  PatternGranularity
    OUT PULONG64  MatchOffset


Specifies the location in the target's virtual address space to start searching for the pattern.
Specifies how far to search for the pattern. A successful match requires the entire pattern to be found before Length bytes have been examined.
Specifies the pattern to search for.
Specifies the size in bytes of the pattern. This must be a multiple of the granularity of the pattern.
Specifies the granularity of the pattern. For a successful match the pattern must occur a multiple of this value after the start location.
Receives the location in the target's virtual address space of the pattern, if it was found.

Return Value

The method was successful.
After examining Length bytes the pattern was not found.

This method can also return error values. See Return Values for more details.

Interface Version

SearchVirtual is available in all versions of IDebugDataSpaces.


This method searches the target's virtual memory for the first occurrence, subject to granularity, of the pattern entirely contained in the Length bytes of the target's memory starting at the location Offset.

PatternGranularity can be used to ensure the alignment of the match relative to Offset. For example, a value of 0x4 can be used to require alignment to a DWORD. A value of 0x1 can be used to allow the pattern to start anywhere.

For additional options, including the ability to restrict the search to writable memory, see SearchVirtual2.


Headers: Defined in Dbgeng.h. Include Dbgeng.h.

See Also

ReadVirtual, SearchVirtual2

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