Debugging Tools for Windows


The ConnectSession method joins the client to an existing debugger session.

    IN ULONG  Flags,
    IN ULONG  HistoryLimit


Specifies a bit-set of option flags for connecting to the session. The possible values of these flags are:
Flag Description
DEBUG_CONNECT_SESSION_NO_VERSION Do not output the debugger engine's version to this client.
DEBUG_CONNECT_SESSION_NO_ANNOUNCE Do not output a message notifying other clients that this client has connected.

Specifies the maximum number of characters from the session's history to send to this client's output upon connection.

Return Value

The method was successful.

This method may also return error values. See Return Values for more details.

Interface Version

ConnectSession is available in all versions of IDebugClient.


When the client object connects to a session, the most recent output from the session is sent to the client. If the session is currently waiting on input, the client object is given the opportunity to provide input. Thus, the client object synchronizes with the session's input and output.

The client becomes a primary client and will appear among the list of clients in the output of the .clients debugger command.

For more information about debugging clients, see Debugging Server and Debugging Client. For more information about debugger sessions, see Debugging Session and Execution Model.


Headers: Defined in dbgeng.h. Include dbgeng.h.

See Also

DebugConnect, StartServer, OutputServers

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