Debugging Tools for Windows


The EndSession method ends the current debugger session.

    IN ULONG  Flags


Specifies how to end the session. Flags can be one of the following values:
Flag Description
DEBUG_END_PASSIVE Perform cleanup for the session.
DEBUG_END_ACTIVE_TERMINATE Attempt to terminate all user-mode targets before performing cleanup for the session.
DEBUG_END_ACTIVE_DETACH Attempt to disconnect from all targets before performing cleanup for the session.
DEBUG_END_REENTRANT Perform only the cleanup that doesn't require acquiring locks. See Comments section for details.
DEBUG_END_DISCONNECT Do not end the session. Disconnect the client from the session and disable the client.

This flag is intended for when remote clients disconnect. It generates a server message about the disconnection.

Return Value

The method was successful.

This method may also return error values. See Return Values for more details.

Interface Version

EndSession is available in all versions of IDebugClient.


This method may be called at any time with Flags set to DEBUG_END_REENTRANT. If, for example, the application needs to exit but another thread is using the engine, this method can be used to perform as much cleanup as possible.

Using DEBUG_END_REENTRANT may leave the engine in an indeterminate state. If this flag is used, no subsequent calls should be made to the engine.

For more information about debugger sessions, see Debugging Session and Execution Model.


Headers: Defined in dbgeng.h. Include dbgeng.h.

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