Debugging Tools for Windows

Global Flag Reference

This reference describes the flags that GFlags sets.

Note  The symbolic name of each flag is provided for reference only. Because symbolic names change, they are not a reliable identifier of a global flag.

The global flags include:

Buffer DbgPrint Output

Create kernel mode stack trace database

Create user mode stack trace database

Debug initial command

Debug WinLogon

Disable heap coalesce on free

Disable paging of kernel stacks

Disable protected DLL verification

Disable stack extension

Early critical section event creation

Enable application verifier

Enable bad handles detection

Enable close exception

Enable debugging of Win32 subsystem

Enable exception logging

Enable heap free checking

Enable heap tagging

Enable heap tagging by DLL

Enable heap tail checking

Enable heap validation on call

Enable loading of kernel debugger symbols

Enable object handle type tagging

Enable page heap

Enable pool tagging
Enable system critical breaks

Load DLLs top-down

Load image using large pages if possible

Maintain a list of objects for each type

Object Reference Tracing

Show loader snaps

Special Pool

Stop on exception

Stop on hung GUI

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