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The Initialize method is called by the engine to initialize an EngExtCpp extension library after loading it.

virtual HRESULT



Return Value

The extension library was successfully initialized.
Any other value indicates that the extension DLL was unable to initialize and the engine will unload it.


The extension library version number should be set by this method. This can be done by setting the members m_ExtMajorVersion and m_ExtMinorVersion of the base class ExtExtension.

The ExtExtension member m_KnownStructs should be set by this method to indicate to the engine which structures the extension library is capable of formatting for output.

If this method is defined in the extension library class EXT_CLASS, it can be used by the extension library to initialize any variables it requires.

There may or may not be a debugging session active when this function is called, so you should not assume that the extension can query session information.


Headers: Defined in Engextcpp.hpp. Include Engextcpp.hpp.

See Also

EXT_CLASS, ExtExtension, Uninitialize

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