Debugging Tools for Windows


The ReadBuffer method reads data from the target's memory. The data is located in the beginning of the region represented by the ExtRemoteData object. However, the size of the data can be different.

    OUT PVOID  Buffer,
    IN ULONG  Bytes,
    IN bool  MustReadAll = true
    ) throw(...);


Pointer that receives the data read from the target.
Specifies the number of bytes to read. The Buffer buffer must be at least this size.
Specifies what happens if the debugger engine is unable to read all the data from the target. If MustReadAll is true and the debugger engine is unable to read Bytes bytes from the target, an ExtRemoteException will be thrown. If MustReadAll is false, no exception will be thrown if the engine is unable to read the requested number of bytes from the target.

Return Value

ReadBuffer returns the number of bytes read from the target and copied into the Buffer buffer. If MustReadAll is true, the value of Bytes will be returned (unless an exception is thrown).


Headers: Defined in Engextcpp.hpp. Include Engextcpp.hpp.

See Also

ExtRemoteData, ExtRemoteData::WriteBuffer

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