Debugging Tools for Windows


The GetNumberSymbols method returns the number of symbols that are contained in a symbol group.

    OUT PULONG  Number


The number of symbols that are contained in this symbol group.

Return Value

GetNumberSymbol might return one of the following values:

The method was successful.

This method might also return error values. For more information about possible return values, see Return Values.


Each symbol in a symbol group is identified by an index. This index is a number between zero and the number that is returned to Number minus one. Every time that a symbol is added or removed from the symbol group, the index of all of the symbols in the group might change.

For more information about symbol groups, see Scopes and Symbol Groups.


Versions: Available in all versions of IDebugSymbolGroup.

Headers: Defined in Dbgeng.h. Include Dbgeng.h.

Build machine: CAPEBUILD