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The GetCurrentPassCount method returns the remaining number of times that the target must reach the breakpoint location before the breakpoint is triggered.

    OUT PULONG  Count


The remaining number of times that the target must hit the breakpoint before it is triggered. The number of times that the target must pass the breakpoint without triggering it is the value that is returned to Count, minus one.

Return Value

GetCurrentPassCount might return one of the following values:

The method was successful.

This method might also return error values. For more information about possible return values, see Return Values.


The GetPassCount method returns the number of hits that were originally required to trigger the breakpoint. GetCurrentPassCount returns the number of hits that still must occur to trigger the breakpoint. For example, if a breakpoint was created with a pass count of 20, and there have been 5 passes so far, GetPassCount returns 20 and GetCurrentPassCount returns 15.

After the target has hit the breakpoint enough times to trigger it, the breakpoint is triggered every time that it is hit, unless SetPassCount is called again. You can also call SetPassCount to change the pass count before the breakpoint has been triggered. This call resets the original pass count and the remaining pass count.

If the debugger executes the code at the breakpoint location while stepping through the code, this execution does not contribute to the number of times that remain before the breakpoint is triggered.

The GetParameters method also returns the information that is returned in Count.

For more information about breakpoint properties, see Controlling Breakpoint Flags and Parameters.


Versions: Available in all versions of IDebugBreakpoint.

Headers: Defined in Dbgeng.h. Include Dbgeng.h.

Build machine: CAPEBUILD