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ADPlus Configuration Files

If you use the -c parameter at the ADPlus command prompt, you can specify a configuration file. ADPlus reads its settings from this file so that you do not have to retype lengthy and detailed command lines. There are also some settings that you can set only from a configuration file, not from a command line.

All configuration options have default values, so no option is mandatory. You can define all of your parameters in the configuration file or you can provide some parameters by using the command-line options and other parameters in the configuration file.

The configuration file follows XML format, and you can include comments by using the <!-- comments --> format. However, you can use only the <Tag>Text </Tag> syntax for the open and closing tags. You cannot use the short format (<Tag Text />).

This section includes the following topics:

ADPlus Configuration File Sections

Using ADPlus Configuration Files

ADPlus Configuration File Samples

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